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Cabletron Systems, Inc.
Caere Corp.
Cambridge Software Group, Inc.
Stock Photography at Can Stock Photo
Canon USA, Inc.
Canto Software, Inc.
Capilano Computing Systems Ltd
Carl Group, The
Carnation Software
Casady & Greene, Inc.
Casio Inc.
Castelle Inc.
Cayman Systems, Inc.
CD Technology
CE Software, Inc.
Celestin Company
CH Products
CharisMac Engineering, Inc.
Chase Research Inc.
Checkfree Corp., Inc.
Chroma Graphics Inc.
Cisco Systems, Inc.
Civilized Software
Claris Corp.
ClearWay Technologies, Inc.
Club Photo
Cognos Inc.
Color Solutions Inc.
Color Vision
Compatible Systems Corp.
CompuServe Inc.
Computer Associates Intl., Inc.
Connectix Corp.
Contour Design, Inc.
Corel Corp.
CP3 Software
CTA, Inc.
CTM Development
Cutting Edge
CyberCash Inc.
CYNO Technologies Inc.
Cytopia Software Incorporated
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